Saturday, February 18, 2012

And the winner is .....

Hi girls,

Im sorry, I am a day late with announcing the winner of the CREATIVE SCRAPPERS EBOOK. My life is just way too busy at the moment. Anyway, I wont make you wait any longer. I drew the winner using my trusty icecream container, and 6 year old....   And the winner is ( drum roll please )      ..................


who left this comment

Karen, so seeing as I am already a member of your beautiful blog and priviledged to see your work, does that mean I am ineligible to being part of winning the eBook? Congratulations on your invite to be part of this amazing book - no surprise though at all. Hope you are well :) 


woo hoo, congratulations Al :)  You will just love this book so much. All I need is your email address, and I will give it to Kristine Davidson, who will forward your Ebook to you :)  

And just a reminder, if anyone wants to purchase one of these fabulous Ebooks, you can find all the details here. I reccomend it hightly :)

OK, now I have to keep this a secret for just a few more days  ( ive almost bitten off the end of my tongue in doing so ) but I can tell you that I have some HUGE, fantastically exciting news to share with you all early next week, so please call back in then, so i can shout it to everyone :) 

Have a wonderful weekend all


  1. Hi Karen,
    Yay ... go ME! This is lovely news to come home to! Thank you so much.
    You have my personal email address ;)
    Thanks heaps again ... Al

  2. Can't wait for the news... I'm going to see my auntie and Alan today and am taking the mag that featured your dad for them to see. Have a great weekend.xx

  3. well done Al Hannah, and what could your news be??? i will just have to come back and see!! congrats!!