Monday, April 8, 2013

WIN !! 'Name this house' competition

Hello my friends. Well, we are very excited to have just purchased a gorgeous beach house, in South Australia. We plan to lease it out as a holiday rental ( more info on that soon) But, our delemma at the moment is, we want a really cool name for it, something beachy (obviously) and something catchy. The beach it is a calm bay, so we cant have anything with ocean in it.

SO, I am running a bit of a competition for my followers only ( so if you are not a follower, join now)  Im asking for suggestions for names for our house, and am offereing a HUGE prize pack of scappy goodies to the person who comes up with the name we will use for our house. The prize pack is a surprise ( only cos I havnt had time to photograph it lol) but, i can tell you, it will be well over $50.00 in value for the winner.

So, here are a couple of photos of the house, for inspiration. Get you thinking caps on my friends, cos, I promise, the prize will be worth winning.
 This is the view from the verandah  :)  I know right  :) 


  1. Shady Paradise
    Shore to Relax
    Peacefull Bay

  2. It's simply stunning.
    Here are mine:

    Shady Retreat
    Karen's Scrap Shack (jokes), could combine scrapping and retreat here
    A Shady Spot
    Shady Place
    A Place in the Shade

  3. Hi Karen,

    Something French might work for your house, what about "Belle des Mers" (=Belle of the seas)
    Crossing my fingers for G45!!!! Cheers Sandrine

  4. great suggestions girls... keep em coming :) tempted on the 'scrap shack' Dale :) think hubby might arc up

  5. Well you may want to keep it a bit private without your name.. so my thoughts.. tranquility bay, serene seas, the peaceful place, calming cove, serenity shore, silent sands, peaceful bay, I'll keep thinking..

  6. There is an amazing resort near here called Tigh Na Mara, which I believe is "By The Sea" in Gaelic. Love the way it sounds (the Tigh is pronounced "Ty").

    1. you know Jackie, my maiden name is McNamara ... so very close isnt it :) hmmm ?????

  7. Looks like a great place to retire! :) Awesome spot - how about Tranquil Tides. Or Bay of Bliss. Are there Pelicans in the bay?? If so maybe Pelican Waters. Good luck with the name choosing. xL

  8. ....or Blissful Bay :)

  9. OK!! Last one.
    Bayside Haven.

  10. Yeeees Karen! I'm going now!

  11. NIGANA welcome in a aboriginal language... i don't know the aboriginal welcome in west austaralia.. but here it is nigana... good luck for the right name.. hugs magi
    ps hope you get in the dt of g45.. i wish you so much luck for that..

  12. okay... here are mine
    The Nautilis Beach House

  13. Wowwee! Congratulations Karen! I would suggest:
    Shady Palms
    Shades By The Bay

  14. What about 'The Last Resort' (ha, ha), Nirvana, The Haven, Idle Daze
    Looks like you've got a real gem there. Where is it? My Brother and his family go to Robe every year as they have family in Sth Australia.

  15. congrats Karen
    place looks awesome, the actual beach is a beautiful stretch of beach, in one if the best parts of this country, very beautiful :)....well, I think :)
    name : Shady in french is - Ombre so my name is "Ombre" or "Shady Sands" or "Ombre Sands" or "Maison Blue" which means Blue House.......I could go on and on.... let you know if I come up with other name ;)

  16. What a gorgeous piece of heaven!!! Shades of Time :)

  17. It looks beautiful Karen

    What about:-

    Serenity Shore

    Blissful Bay

    Sea Haven

    Breezy Bay

    Coastal Breeze

    was the name that popped into my head as I was reading your description & looking at the photos. It looks like a beautiful place, congratulations. (Best of luck for the G45 Design Team,by the way, your work is awesome)

  19. My entry to name your place is CALM BAY COTTAGE.

  20. When I saw it, I thought "Golden Glow" (mainly because of the golden colors)

  21. I love the photo's, the name should probably be Sun and Moon, as it has the beautiful windows so that you can see the Sun and the Moon. regards and thanks for sharing these beautiful photo's

  22. Call it "Shades of Grey". You might get some really interesting clientele! Lol!

  23. You certainly had me thinking as I went to sleep last night! My ideas are:
    Blue Horizons; Castle on the Sand; C & Sand; Big Blue C; Yeah baybay; i-tune out; Southern Spell; Over the Blue; Magnetic South

    Wendy Lahey (Not sure if I've posted this properly!)

  24. wow... theres some amazing suggestions here !!! thanks so much everyone. Ive been thinking for months, and would never have come up with all these. We are away from tomorrow, until next Wednesday, and when we get back, we will decide on the name, and announce the winner... thanks again everyone xx

  25. EDGE OF SERENITY, that's what I think!!!!

  26. Serenity bay
    Bay field
    Sea breeze
    Beach loft
    Sandy dunes
    Sandy beach

  27. Shady Manor.....

    Shady love shack.....Ok so Chris would not go with this lol. But I do like Shady Manor. XX
    Have a great time away darl.

  28. OMG Karen your house is gorgeous!!!! How can you accomplish anything looking at that view.
    I'd name it Heaven's Verandah, Window View, Peaceful Haven.
    Whatever you name it it's a keeper!

  29. Shades of Paradise
    Shady's Paradiso
    Shades of serenity
    Shades of tranquility

    Have to say tho ... someone else mentioned 'serenity shores' ... sounds good to me ...

  30. - My secret place
    - Secret Beach
    - Next adventure
    - Nice vacation
    - Stop time
    - –°hoose to relax
    Hello from Ukraine! :-)

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  32. Hi Karen I wish you the best of luck with the DT call for Graphic 45! You rock there papers...about your beautiful house I so love it. But a name that's so hard wow maybe.
    -Mer Secrete (secret sea)
    -Palais des Reves (palace of dreams)
    -Le Reve Secret (the secret dream)
    -Bay of Colour
    -Our Sea Palace
    Hihihi good luck with picking a name hugs Amy

  33. Gorgeous home...Here are a few suggestions.

    Hopes End
    Mount Shady Manor
    Bay Breeze Manor
    (west, north south east??) Pavillion Bay Manor
    Sunrise Manor
    Sunset Manor
    Sunrise Manor on the Bay

    Sunset Manor on the Bay
    3 Keys Cottage (you can change the number to have meaning)
    Cottage On the Bay
    ShadyHill Manor
    ShadyBay Manor
    Cassowary Manor
    Shady's Sandpiper
    Firetail Manor

    You can add Manor to any of the names below, or just leave it out...
    Belle Vue (beautiful view)
    La Mer Maison (the sea house)
    Sur Mer (on the sea)
    Vue de la Mer (sea view)
    Le Chateau

  34. What a beautiful location Karen! I hope you enjoy many happy days when you visit :).