Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tutorial for Sandra

A little while ago, one of my lovely followers asked me if I could explain how I make my little fan fold flowers. These are very popular ATM, and theres lots of tutorials out there on how to make them ( I would love to take the credit for 'inventing' them, but unfortunately I can't) But I have made a little step by step on how I make them. Well, thats not quite true, this is how I USED to make them, before I purchased my little die. My favorite things has a die that cuts and then scores the folds for you, which saves a tonne of work. So I cheat now, and use that all the time :) ...

 1.       Begin with a 12 inch (30cm) strip of paper. (The finished flower will be twice as wide as your paper strip when finished, so cut the strip accordingly)
2.        Place patterned paper on the paper trimmer. Using the scoring blade, score at intervals of 1cm.
   3. Fan fold at each crease. Join the patterned paper ends with glue or double sided tape.
4.       Punch or cut a small base piece of card stock to glue the flower to. Add glue to the punched base.  Adhere the fan folded ring to the base, pushing flat to create a flower. Hold flower in place until dry. You can then add a centre of your choice to cover up the messy centre.

Heres a few Ive done over the last little while :) 


Have fun with this Sandra :)  They are really easy and fun to make.

ADDIT: Ive had alot of people ask me about the die I use to make these little flowers. So I found a picture of it, if anyone is inerested in buying one

MFT Die-namics Die - Rosette (small) 1/4 inch

Now a little 'brag moment'....... I am very excited, cos, Ive been asked to be the Guest designer at Creative Scrappers and at Get Picky this month !!!  How cool is that. I cant wait to show you what Ive made, the sketches I got to play with were both fabulous. Be sure to call in on Sunday morning, thats when the Creative scrappers sketch goes live ( well, it will be Sunday night here in Aus)
Thanks so much for calling in, and for all the lovely messages

Have a great weekend



  1. It's always such an honor to be a GT ...and what great sites as Creative Scrappers and Get Picky!! Congratulations girlie!!!!!! I am a huge fan of the fan flower....such a great way to showcase pattern papers and does not add alot of bulk to your album! Always enjoy hopping over here :) Hugs!!!

  2. congrats on being chosen as a GD!

    Fabulous works with your flowers!

  3. Thank you so much Karen, I've just made one and I will have to make a few more for practice. You must have the most amazing dexterity to hold it all together ready to glue. But as my 5yr old grandson always says to me 'practice makes perfect Nanna'.
    I also enjoy following your blog and work, congratulations on the new venture. Sandra

  4. That is very exciting Karen. Look forward to seeing the pages!

  5. oh well done on being asked to be guest designer.. your creations are exceptional! and yes i love these folded flowers but i think there is a knack when folding them and flattening them as mine are usually a bit wonky!!haha!!

  6. Hi Karen . Congrats on your gdt spot at Creative Scrappers. Just saw the reveal. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Been looking into the Tim Holtz die. Is that the one you use and what machine do u use it with? I have a cuttlebug. Will that do? You can email me at Thanks.

  7. Hi Karen.. Great pages! I love what you made on the CS's blog today. Thanks for the tutorial for the rosettes. I haven't seen the die to cut and score them. I have to make mine with a scoreboard and fan fold them. Yes, I do have 3 kids almost 10 yrs apart... oldest will be 24, middle will be 14 and my youngest just turned 5. Hope you had a great weekend.