Sunday, February 6, 2011

OK its time :)

Hi there,
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. You are not going to believe this, our little town is on flood alert again today, we are expected to flood for the 3rd time in 5 months. Its just too much. None of the shops or homes have had a chance to get anywhere near fixed up after the really bad flood a few weeks ago, and here we are facing it all over again. Enough is enough !!!

On a lighter note though, our '5 kilo scrappers challenge' starts tomorrow. Its very exciting, and we have quite a few people who are joining in. Theres some great prizes to be won, so if you think you might benefit from losing 5 kg, then its not too late to join in, just follow the link to the blog, and we explain what you need to do :). Just a little edit to this post as I forgot to post my photo of the scales for the '5 kilos scrappers challenge' I took the photo the morning of the 7th, then forgot about it... duhhhh !!!! OK, so here it is folks, complet with 'ratty' looking nail posish LOL !!!! heres my updated post for the first week :) I mucked up Mr Linky. duhh week 1 weight loss

The latest issue of 'australian scrapbook ideas' is on sale now. My very first design team feature is in there. Its all very exciting. I would show you the layouts I did, accept, in my haste to get the work sent off a few months ago, I forgot to take any photo's of it.. Duhhh !!!

OK, now for a little share. It was my week for blogging at Kaisercraft this week. We showcased the 2 latest collections for February. Call in to the BLOG to see the full ranges, and to see what the amazingly talented Nerrida and Trudi ( oh and ME) have done with these collections. Today I want to show you a layout and a card I did using the 'Magic happens' range.

And a card

Thankyou so much for calling in, and for all the wonderful comments you leave. I love to read them, have a wonderful week,


  1. Aww Karen, so sorry to hear about the flooding again. I have no idea what Australia did to mother nature... but she is not happy! :-( Stay safe.

    The card and layout are stunning. I am loving those colours so much! Beautiful!

  2. That card is absolutely beautiful!! And so is the LO - good on you for doing one of yourself, I don't do it often enough!!

    Stay safe!

  3. Rain, Rain go away - sorry to hear about the water's rising again and your town being once again threatened with flooding. It's heartbreaking when it happens at all, but then to have it occur so often of late well... words fail me really.

    Absolutely adore your layout and card Karen - you certainly worked so scrapping magic with this collection

  4. Not flooding again! :(

    Love what you have done with the Magic Happens range Karen!!

  5. OH NO!!! Thats just not fair is it! We're just sick of all the weather up here in Qld too!
    But that layout is gorgeous and that card oh my delish! Stay safe xoxo

  6. Wow! You've rocked this paper range Karen!! Love your card and layout. :)
    Hope the floods stay away this time.

  7. Gorgeous work for KC Karan :) That collection is so very pretty and your projects are just stunning!
    Congrats on you dt possie at Aussie Scrapbook ideas too... looking forward to working along side you and seeing some mroe of your beautiful creations.
    Hope all goes well with the water situation too, take care xx

  8. Oh no, I hope the flooding is not severe! I was thinking of you when I heard on the news that there was flooding in Victoria again.
    I picked up the magazine yesterday!! Congrats on the DT position Woo hoo!!
    Your LO and card are gorgeous!! I love them. The new Kaiser is beautiful.

  9. Just beautiful work as always Karen ....why can't I be you?? I love them ALL!!
    Smiles from kel.

  10. Mother Nature is definitely not kind atm. I love the colours in the new Kaiser range - stunning

  11. Keep safe darl!

    Love all your Magic Happen projects! I had some issues with it but yours are amazing

  12. Hi Karen! Congrats on the weight loss!
    When I saw you the other day - I was blown away!
    Not sure if I can join you n the weight loss - thing still breast feeding. But need to drop about 3-4 kilos too! Am eating healthier and trying to walk lots!

  13. glad to hear your guys are ok, thanks for the thoughts. I will get the challenge details up on my blog asap..

  14. Karen, I love this card you have created from Magic Happens ... it's so pretty! Beautiful work :)