Monday, May 24, 2010

Off to Hospital....

I just called in to let you all know that I have to go to Hospital tomorrow morning, I will be having an operation, and will be in hospital for a week.... Its nothing too serious, and I should be fine by the time i get home..... im hoping to come home next monday, or Tuesday.... I will miss my computer, and my online buddies, and you can be sure, its one of the first things i will do when i get home...


Karen xx


  1. All the best Karen take care - hope you don't get two comments here from me. darn pc's...

  2. All the best for speedy recovery Karen! X

  3. karen...just hoping everything is alright..all the best

  4. Hi Karen. Glad that you are back and are recovering. Thanks fro the nice comment on my blog. I really like the look of your blog!