Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hello my friends :)

Well, its a cold drizzly Sunday here in Victoria. And I think we are set to have another cold week next week. They are even predicting snow here, which for us only happens once every 5 years or so. The weather is just bizzarre. Its been the wettest, coldest summer for like a million years ( well something like that LOL) and now we are having the coldest winter for a million years too :( Ah well, its winter, what else can we expect.......

Today, I have a few cards to share, that Ive made using the latest Kaisercraft releases, Velvet ensemble and Gelato......    I love both of these ranges. I was immediately in love the the Velvet ensemble, but wasnt quite so sure about the Gelato, until I started playing with it, now, I love that too :) ....  

The card below was taken from an idea I saw from Karola, this lady is amazing.  Ive simply pulled open a bisiness envelope, and traced it onto some white cardstock. Scored and folded it, using the emvelope as a guide, and decorated it. Easy Peasy !!!!!

This card was made using Velvet Ensemble. Ive glimmermisted the wooden bookplate, and used some metalic rubon to give it a bit of a rusty look :)

Thanks everyone for calling in, and thanks so much to everyone who left comments and congratulations about my job at Kaisercraft. I think ?? Ive managed to call in to everyones blog to thank them, but if I havnt made it to your blog yet, Im really sorry, Ive been having alot of problems with blogger lately ( as are lots of people I think) I have visited all your blogs, but sometimes, for some reason, it wont allow me to leave a comment... grrr, so frustrating.
Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Gorgeous Karen. Stay warm. Winter is such an awful time of year lol xo

  2. Gorgeous work Karen!

    I hear you on the weather, we were supposed to be wet/windy/horrible today, instead I'm hanging out the washing in sunshine. go figure!

  3. Gorgeous Gorgeous Cards & Envelope Karen!!
    I got me some of the KC - Gelato Range, Just hoping to find time to have a play.........
    Happy Sunday!!

  4. Love the cards!!! amazing job! I just love the collections as well....will start playing with them again very soon.

  5. I just got back from a week in Canberra so this Melbourne weather is balmy by comparison! Love these cards. Have only just got my hands on Gelato and it is so much lovelier in real life - its so subtle I think its hard to translate that online. You of course have done a brilliant job!

  6. very very beautiful cards... classic and elegant.

  7. Hi Karen..thanks for stopping by my blog...everything is gorgeous here :) I will be back lots too :)