Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This is in this months Scrapbook Creations :)

Hi, and a happy Tuesday to all :)

Its been a pretty tough week at our house. Jack had his tonsils, adenoids removed on Thursday, and grommets in his ears. He was doing really well, up until 2 days ago. The poor little thing hasnt had much sleep for those days, and neither has Mummy !! I called the surgeon today, and aparently its normal for them to get worse on day 5 to 7 :( ... I hope he is better soon, its awful seeing your kids in pain, and not being able to help them....

OK, heres a layout :) This one is in Scrapbook Creations this month. Its a photo of my husband in our Header last year, harvesting a wheat crop on our farm. The wheat is from the same paddock :) ..... i got the idea for this layout from one I saw from Ingvilde Bolme, who is an absolutely awsome talent.

Thanks for calling in, and have a great week


Karen x


  1. Poor little fella, hope he is feeling better soon Karen.

    Awesome layout! I can definitely see the Ingvild Bolme inspiration in your layout :).

  2. What a gorgeous lo!! Love it! Hope your little man is well again soon. Here's hoping he gets some sleep too!

  3. I love it ...Beautiful page!! I love the distressing, the stitching and the wheat...genial!! I hope you little boy get well soon!! Hugs!!

  4. I saw this in the mag last night Karen. It is gorgeous. I love how you ripped the photo too.

  5. This is awesome !! I love the wheat and the stitching :o) Great page !! :O)

  6. Wow, I love your LO, just gorgeous! The wheat on there looks awesome!!
    I hope your little boy is feeling better!
    P.S. thanks for your comment on my blog :)

  7. Thx Karen. You can pick up the figurines from most jewellery stores or gift shops. "Willow Tree". There are so many beautiful ones available.

  8. Oh my goodness Karen!!! I love that layout - great photos and great colours.

    Sorry to hear about your little one - hope he gets better soon.

  9. awww so sorry about your kids hope they'll feel much better soon. hang in there

    Love your layout! The long horizontal photo is a great touch to the design!