Thursday, March 11, 2010

my new scrap space !!!!

I thought Id share what Ive been up to the past few weeks..... This is still a work in progress, theres still things I want to change, but im really happy with my new space...

I love this idea of showing my layouts ( thanks Stacey, and the girls at The imagination Factory :) ) its just a plastic coated curtain rail, and it cost about $10.00 including the decorative ends .. Ive used shower curtain rings to hold the page protectors on the rail...... This bookshelf is great too , its really strong, and holds all my albums, and stamps, and all my heavy stuff........

This is my work station, ( AKA: old dining table ) those gorgeous boxes on the shelf hold all my rubber stamps, and paint...... The jars have my flowers in them..... and the white bucket has all my most used things, like glue, pens, knife and tape runner....... I have 2 Kaiser drawers to go on here too, but Im still deciding what papers to decorate them with ????

Everything else is hidden away in the built in wardrobe...

thanks for looking :)




  1. love your storage idea esp the showcase of layouts - my space needs an awful good overhaul

  2. it all looks fantastic Karen - well done!

  3. Wow - this looks amazing! Love your colour choice and the LO display - they look so good!!

    Fran xx

  4. What a gorgeous scraproom - looks like you're well organised! Love the LO display, I might have to do something like that in my scraproom!