Monday, March 1, 2010

We are going on holiday ... YAY !!!


We are going away for 4 days. YAY !!! We leave first thing tomorrow morning... We are not going too far, only about 2 hrs drive from here, but thats probably about as much as my little people can manage in the car, before they turn into monsters.

I will post another layout... I love to look at other peoples layouts on their blogs, so hopefully, someone will enyoy looking at mine too....

Thanks to all my new followers, for thinking Im interesting enought to follow :) I hope to get time today to go and have a look at everyone elses blog. In between packing, and washing etc !!!

This photo is one of my favorites. It is of my Nan, singing in a Hotel in Melbourne. She was an angel, and her and I were SOOOO close. I miss her so much.

Ah well, gotta go pack....


Karen x

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  1. loved this one Karen.. with the slide show.. if you go to mine and click on the bottom make your will guide you through it.. and even brings up at the end how to put it onto your blog etc...